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Oliver Billet Rods

Oliver Billet Rods


Since 1983, Oliver Racing Parts have built a reputation for producing some of the finest connecting rods available anywhere. There are four qualities at Oliver that have made our company and our products so successful: Craftsmanship, Precision, Durability and Strength.


– Oliver Connecting Rods are built by skilled professionals, who are passionate about pushing the limits of engine performance. Honed over three decades of racing ingenuity and experience, Oliver Connecting Rods exceed engine builder’s expectations every time.

• Oliver Rods are manufactured by highly-skilled craftsmen

• Assembled by hand

• Unique heat treatment processes produce consistent grain structure

• In-process controls for thickness, bore, profile, and weights

• Heat treat certification

• Shot-peen for stress relief

• All tapped holes are roll form tapped after heat treat


Oliver Connecting Rods fit a wide variety of racing engines. By using Finite Element Analysis, Statistical Process Control and Batch testing, each rod exceeds ISO Quality Standards. This means each rod perfectly and consistently fits today’s modern, high RPM high output engines.

•Sets matched to less than 2 grams variation (2 US $1 dollar bills)

•Honed to +/- .0001”

•Statistical inspection process insures consistent level of very high quality parts

•Mating surfaces of the cap and rod are precision ground

•Precision-honed bores

•Final inspection for diameter, locations, and perpendicularity


Oliver Connecting Rods are built to last. Created with a racing spirit, each connecting rod is designed to withstand the extraordinary fatigue life of a racecar engine.

•100% shot-peened in a multi-step process for long-term fatigue properties

•Parabolic Beam® design reduces stress concentration to improve fatigue limit of rods

•All Oliver rods are made from premium mill-certified aircraft quality E4340 chrome moly alloy


Oliver Connecting Rods are made with the best and strongest steel on

earth: 100 percent American mill-certified aircraft quality steel. Designed to handle extreme

engine torque, Oliver Connecting Rods are built for high-RPM engines. Our Parabolic Beam®

connecting rods feature the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod on the market.

•Aircraft-quality bolts

•Parabolic Beam® design delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod made

•Proprietary, multi-step heat treatment process insures proper grain structure for maximum fatigue strength








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