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Ross Pistons

Ross Pistons


Experience the power, precision and quality of ROSS Racing Pistons

Drawing on nearly 30 years of piston design and manufacturing for all forms of motorsports. ROSS Racing Pistons has met the continual need for the most advanced forged pistons in the racing industry.

Utilizing some of the most sophisticated design and analysis software, along with ultra modern CNC machining centers, ROSS has developed a dedicated line of forgings.

ROSS has one of the most complete selections of general purpose and specific use forgings in the entire custom piston industry. Ross makes pistons from 2.283" (58 mm) through 6.190" (157.2 mm) diameter for hollow dome, flat top and dish top applications. Most modern engine families are covered, and custom pistons are available for those not covered. Please contact us if you require a custom piston, and us quote it for you.

All ROSS Racing Pistons (since 1985) have been forged from 2618 billet bar stock and have been heat treated and aged to a T61 condition (2618-T61). 2618-T61 is the material that is used when fatigue resistance and durability are of prime importance by all premium racing piston manufacturers. This material has less than 1% silicon particulate content. High silicon content pistons (forged from 4032 or MS75) will not stand up to the most extreme stress placed on many racing pistons. If a crack starts to form in a high silicon piston it will continue until the piston experiences a catastrophic failure. Simply stated, adding sand to the aluminum only makes it more brittle. In the rare instance of a 2618-T61 piston cracking, the crack will continue to an area where the stress is not as great and will then stop. Another advantage of 2618-T61 over the high silicon pistons is the ability to keep its shape under extreme pressure and high RPM's. "Skirt Shrinking" is not a problem with ROSS Racing Pistons.


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