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Flat Tappet Break In Kit - Mopar / Ford

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Flat Tappet Break In Kit - Mopar / Ford

Worried about breaking in that flat tappet camshaft in your Mopar or Ford Engine? We put together this kit specifically for that purpose! It includes 8 quarts of Brad Penn 30W break in oil, a Jomar performance filter with no bypass, and a tube of Joe Gibbs assembly grease.


The Joe Gibbs assembly grease is specifically designed to aid in the break in of Flat tappet cams. The Brad Penn break in oil is a monograde 30W oil with no detergent and high zinc levels, again, specifically for breaking in flat tappet cams. The Jomar filter is designed for Mopar and Ford Engines, and has no internal bypass. As a result, it filters 100% of the oil, with only an 8 PSI pressure drop.

Part #: ftbi

Price: $59.00