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Innovators West Vibration Dampers

  • All Innovators West dampners exceed the SFI 18.1 standards. A SFI sticker is placed on the dampner as well as the SFI number is stamped into the back of the dampner case.
  • All Innovators West dampers are as light or lighter than OEM to reduce rotation weight.
  • In most cases, Innovators West dampers accept stock pulleys. There are some applications that may require special pulleys. Please contact us directly for more information.
  • Most dampners are marked every 5 degrees for 360 degrees and marked every 2 degrees from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. Serpentine dampners such as the Ford Mod Motor and GM LS dampners are not generally marked as the timing is computer controlled.
  • Innovators West offer dampners for circle track cars as well as for street use, drag racing, marine applications, and off-road use as well
  • Dual keyways available for supercharged applications
  • Innovators West Dampers are fully serviceable.
  • We recommend that a dampner installer tool be used to install any harmonic dampner. This tool is available at most auto parts stores and may also be available for rent at the same auto parts stores.
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