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Dyno Test: 464 CID Buick with Edelbrock heads on E85

The purpose behind this engine was to build a max effort street strip Buick 455 combo, using the new Edelbrock heads. The heads are fully ported and will be available from Competition Components. The car is regularly street driven, weighs 3900+ lbs and is cruised regularly, so race fuel was not an option.


  • Stock 455 Buick Block (+.038)
  • Finishline Halo Girdle
  • Stock 455 Buick Crank
  • 4340 Pontiac I Beam rods (modified to fit Buick journal)
  • Custom CP Pistons
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Edelbrock 455 Performer Heads (Fully Ported)
  • Comp Pro Magnum Roller Rockers (1.6)
  • Custom Mechanical Cam (260 @ .050, .600 net lift)
  • Beehive Springs
  • Titanium Retainers
  • Cometic Head Gaskets
  • SCE gaskets for the rest
  • All Block Work by Finishline Motorsports   (Thanks Bobb and Geof!)
  • Romac Balancer
  • JW Flexplate
  • Proform 455 Buick Timing Cover
  • 4500 Carb (Modified for E85 use)
  • E85 purchased at local Meijer gas station for $2.22/gallon
Results:  703 HP at 6000 RPM – 653 @ 5200 RPM. 600+ lb/ft of torque from 4200-6000 RPM.
These heads are available through a group purchase in feb 2011. Details


We hope to have some track results soon!

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9 Responses to “Dyno Test: 464 CID Buick with Edelbrock heads on E85”

  1. tjsons says:

    the motor is in the car , just awesome , you would not think it makes 703 , milan here we come ,Thanks again Scotty

  2. Mark Campbell says:

    Scott , what type of intake manifold was used & was it ported & flowed ? I would think with all that airflow,this engine would need to run with 2” pri tube headers @ min. Now that that the BBB has (3) choices for heads ,T/A ,BullDog, & when ported, the Edelbrock can be added to this list … if we can just get a good replacement block @ a price a person can afford ….cast iron would be fine in my eyes !

    Check out my thread on V8 board , it sparked a lot of interest.


  3. Terry Rowe says:

    How much do these engines cost, Bottom Line.

  4. admin says:

    To duplicate this engine, it would run $14,700, dyno tested with dyno sheets and flow sheets for the heads included. It has top of the line components throughout, from the custom E85 Dominator carb, and ported intake manifold, down to the sheet metal fabbed oil pan, and from the Billet SFI damper to the SFI JW flexplate. It also includes an MSD Billet distributor and aftermarket timing cover, and a halo main stud girdle, which are additional cost items from most engine builders.

  5. Joe says:

    I love the engine build. Would it be possible to produce essentially the same effect for a low to mid 500 hp, torque grinding machine? Without going so over the top, perhaps that $14,700 price tag could be reduced as well? Your thoughts?

  6. admin says:

    It would be very easy to do a mild version of this buildup, at a significant savings. I would approach it as a good solid shortblock with a stock crank, stock rods with ARP bolts and a piston like the wiseco pro true forged dished pistons. Use the CNC ported Edelbrocks and a cam that matches your converter and gear. I am working on some new hydraulic cams with higher lift to really take advantage of the ported heads. We will have more test results from more combos like this soon. Thanks for looking!

  7. Paul Wilke says:

    What is the compression ratio of this engine? Where can I find out more about the halo girdle? Did you run a lifter bore girdle or some type of lifter bore support? Is this a single pattern cam? I thought a cam with more exhaust duration would be better on a head that seems limited on exhaust flow compared to intake flow. Fantastic results though! A super flat torque curve.

  8. admin says:

    The compression ratio is 13 to 1. You can order a Halo girdle from Finishline Motorsports 616-765-5101. The lifter valley is epoxied, but not really mandatory as this is a flat tappet camshaft. The cam is a split pattern, not a single pattern. Thanks!

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