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Dyno Test: 464 CID Buick with Edelbrock heads on E85 » Edelbrock Buick Dyno Results – spreadsheet

Edelbrock Buick Dyno Results – spreadsheet

2 Responses to “Edelbrock Buick Dyno Results – spreadsheet”

  1. Stock stroke .038 over STD bore…….. unreal !! Is it a roller camshaft Scott ? I must say thats a ton of torque with a set of heads that have all but been written by the T/A … V8 forum. Did the heads require welding & a lot of fab, or just max porting efforts ?
    outstanding effort folks !


    Mark Campbell

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mark,
    No welding on the heads, pretty straightforward max effort porting job. The cam is a flat tappet that is smaller duration than the 308S from TA.
    Scott Brown

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