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Jyrki Aukio’s Plymouth VIP. Finland’s first 7 second street car! 7.89 @ 174 MPH

I’ll ley Jyrki describe the car in his own words:

The first year we run the car naturally aspirated because of the delays with K1 crank and rods. It run decently with the Scott Brown (Competition Components) cammed 528 pump gas wedge; 10.64/130 mph.
For  the next summer we got the turbo engine built; 7.1″ K1 rods, 3.75″ stroke K1 crank, Ross dished pistons (51cc, 8.6:1), Scott Brown cam with around 260 degrees at .050″ and almost 0.7″ lift with 1.6 ratio Erson rockers. The Indy intake was converted to EFI by adding injector bungs Instead of welding they are press fit and glued; seems to work, Wilson elbow and 95mm throttle body. Heads are Indy 440-1, homeported with 2.25″ intake valves, valvesprings are Isky gold stripe. Oiling is with a regular Melling hv pump and external static single line pick up. Self made 8 quart pan since nothing is available aftermarket for this body. Headers are black iron, 2″ to 1 7/8 to 1 3/4 an 4-2 models because of the twin entry turbos. Exhaust is 4″ with bullet mufflers. The turbos are realatively small, Garrett hybrids with 68mm compressor and 88mm turbine, 1.22 A/R. They spool very quickly and the car can be raced without any tricks to get the boost up. Twin 60mm HKS wste gates and local Pates racing pop off valves. The injectors are 160 lbs, ignition is done with a hall sensor, four 6mm bolts are threaded 90 degrees apart to the self made aluminum lower pulley, distributor is used for distributing the spark and with 7 peaks removed from the reluctor also acts as a cam sensor. MSD 7 AL2. Engine management is Autronic SM4. Cooling is handled by a big griffin radiator and Craig Davies EWP water system with variable speed external pump and a temp controller, the cooling is reversed and water is also put in from between the siamesed center exhaust ports. Intercooler is locally built air/air, typical intake temp at 18 psi is around 130-140F
The transmission is a JW Ultraglide with seven disc clutch and wide band, 1.80 straight gears. Originally rated for 1800 hp and worked flawlessly. The converter is PTC 10″ with ateel stator that has also worked like charm. We had it tightened last summer since when adding boost we run out of stall speed. One example of the innovative thnking is the trans fluid; we have been fine adjusting the stall speed with SAE 80 wet brake fluid, and currently have about 70% of SAE 80 and the rest ATF. The stall speed is 6200 with full boost, currently about 18-20 psi. 4″ cro mo drive shaft with 1350 joints. Rear is Strange S 60 wit 4.10 gears, spool and 40 spline solid axles. Wheels are weld all over front brakes are HD B-body Wilwoods fitted in to the C-body spindles (-50 lbs), fornt tires regular street Hankooks and rears M/T ET Streets 18.5″/33″. Four link with a wishbone in the rear from a quartermax kit and Strange double adjustable shocks. Front suspension and steering are Stock, extra heavy duty torsion bars (1.18″ vs 0.98″ stock) and Koni shocks. Front and rear bumpers, hood and doors are fiberglass and side & rear glasses lexan. The chassis is SFI 25.5 cerified which created a major problem since it has got a maximum weight of 3600 lbs. After all the work we are currently under it and with the smaller fuel cell we can now even hopefully add wheelie bars and a rear sway bar. We currently leave the line at about 10 psi and the best 60 ft so far has been 1.26. Shift at around 7100, 1/8 mile 5.100 at 143 mph and the quarter mile 7.89/174+, against the 7500 rew limiter about 0.5 seconds. We have still about 5 psi of boost left in the current turbos, and the launch propably could be made better. Haven’t also used the many properties of the Autronic, controlling boost etc. I think we can still cut a couple of tenths without parts changes, but we’ll see.

Mopar Collectors Guide is publishing an article of the car in their february issue.Attached is some pics I have, and here is links to some “commercial pics” that were taken for the MCG article:

Jyrki\’s record run

Jyrki’s VIP gets some ink in Mopar Enthusaist

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