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Rick’s Sleeper 512 Mopar

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

Long time customer and friend Rick, wanted something special for his Super Stock clone street car. This has been a great build, and has been the prototype builds for several customers since. The goal was a easily street driven pump gas combo with tire shredding power at any RPM. The 440 Block was bored to 4.375 bore, which is home to the custom Autotec pistons. Molnar 6.800 4340 H beam rods tie the slugs to the Molnar 4.250 Crank. Total Seal AP Steel rings seal the deal. The cylinder heads are CNC ported 440 Source units, with 2.140/1.81 valves, and Max wedge openings. This same CNC port is the one used in our 440 aluminum heads, as well as the Edelbrock RPM heads, so this performance is available to anyone with any of these style heads. The hardware in the heads is all matched to the custom hydraulic roller camshaft. Pac Springs, locks and retainers work great to keep control of the valves as the RPMs rise. The camshaft is only 243 @ .050 on the intake side, so this combo is pretty docile until the loud pedal is smashed. One particularly cool aspect of this build, is the dual plane Indy intake manifold with the Holley 950 Carb. The manifold is an absolutely huge dual plane that kind of looks like the old CH4B Edelbrock on steroids. Match this with a Max Wedge port window, and there is power available everywhere, as well as a subtle look. Rick’s is devoid of any logos, and is painted engine color for even further sneakiness. As far as power goes, this sneaky big block Made 682HP and 688lb/ft of torque on 91octane pump gas. According to Rick, the car is an absolute riot with it’s A833 4spd, Ram dual disk clutch and 3.73 gears.

Tony’s 512 Low Deck Engine on E85

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Tony’s 512 Wedge On the Dyno

Big Block Mopar Aluminum heads

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Competition Components is pleased to announce the availability of a new B/RB cylinder head for street and performance applications. Available in as cast and cnc ported versions with several options, these heads are a great addition to any street or street strip 383/400/426/440 engine combination and in ported form are a solid performer on street / strip 500 cubic inch applications. These are exceptional quality castings

Standard Features:

  • 2.140/1.810 stainless valves
  • 84CC Combustion Chamber
  • 210 CC Intake Runner
  • 75CC Exhaust Runner
  • .550 Lift Springs
  • STD Intake and Exhaust Locations
  • Viton Seals


  • Full CNC Porting
  • Optional 2.190/1.810 valve package with CNC Porting
  • Many spring packages available to fit almost any cam
  • Max Wedge Port Window


Mike Ricketts’ Aspen Pro Stocker Featured in April 2012 Mopar Collectors Guide

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Kudosto Mike Ricketts!  Mopar Collectors GuidePro Stock Aspen featured his Macomb Missle Pro Stock Aspen in their April 2012 issue! This is the last Pro Stocker built by Mopar racing legend Don Carlton. Mike has spent a ton of time and effort making this a top notch restoration and race car, and it shows. Mike has had several show stopping race cars in the past, and I’m proud to be involved.  Check out the magazine, I’m sure you’ll be  impressed. Thanks for the mention in the article Mike!

Trend Performance Releases New Spark Plug Tube Seals For Mopar HEMI

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Trend has released new spark plug tube seals for our HEMI Engines. Made from Billet Material and hard anodized, these tube seals come complete with O-rings to alleviate leaking spark plug tubes on conventional HEMIs. Trend is well known for their high quality pushrods, tool steel lifters and wrist pins.

RaceTec and AutoTec Pistons added to our online store

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Competition Components is pleased to offer the Racetec and AutoTec piston lines to our online store. Racetec was founded by Wayne Brooks, who was the former owner of JE Pistons. RaceTec Pistons are designed and engineered by true piston experts. Experts, who understand the intricate and complex automotive aftermarket industry and more directly performance engine applications like no other manufacturer can. Our State Of The Art designs utilize knowledge gained throughout our combined years in the automotive and piston racing industries. We are also the only piston company that is using a state of the art D.T.S. Engine Dyno to help in the development of our designs. Having our in house dyno along with our customers to develop and refine piston design has helped us to deliver a superior product. Considerable design and manufacturing experience have been implemented to deliver the tolerances expected by the highest level of race engine builders and yet “keeping it user friendly” to accommodate the entry level and Saturday night racer.

The AutoTec Line is a precision machined product, offered at very competitive pricing. Made out of 4032 High Silicone Aluminum Alloy, it has great wear resistance, a low expansion rate, is very durable, and is very low in friction. These pistons accommodate multiple uses including. Your local auto shop, muscle car restorations, performance street rods, as well as many spec racing classes. They can also withstand mild nitrous kits and small turbo or super chargers. Just about everyone can benefit from the excellent value the AutoTec line carries.

RaceTec Pistons    AutoTec Pistons

Joe Russo’s Magnum powered ’76 Duster

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Joe Russo’s dad,  Tony, tried to get him to build a late model Camaro or Mustang,  just because it would be that much easier. Joe didn’t want to take the easy way out though, he had his mind set on a Mopar A-body. They picked up this low rust 76 Duster from California, and got to work. Over a year later, their hard work and late nights paid off. Joe now has a bad ass, pump gas small block car. The combo is pretty simple. They picked up complete 360 Magnum from a 98 Jeep, and made a couple of smart modifications. The stock beer barrel intake was replaced by an Edelbrock performer RPM and a 650 Holley Double pumper. While the intake was off, they decided to upgrade the camshaft. A custom cam that’s 226 @ .050 and a hair over .500 lift came from Scott Brown at Competition Components. Joe also needed to upgrade the springs, so the drop in high lift Magnum springs from Mopar Performance fit the bill. The stock hydraulic roller lifters and hold downs  were cleaned and re-used. After the dressed up Magnum motor found it’s way between the framerails, a used set of headers found their way into the engine bay. Joe and Tony fabbed up an X pipe, and 3″ Hooker Aerochambers were used with turndowns at the axle. A new 10″ PTC Converter was slid into the rebuilt 904 transmission and bolted into place. An 8.8 ford 4.10 Rear end was picked up from an Explorer and modified to fit and a set of Cal Tracs and springs were bolted to it. All of the work on the car was performed by Joe and Tony, including all of the body work and paint.  All of their hard work paid off right off the trailer, the Viper red Duster ran in the 12.40’s on the very first pass. With some tuning and TLC, the car has now run a best of 12.14 @ 111 mph. The first pass on nitrous has run a 7.24 in the 1/8th (mid 11.30’s in the 1/4), with some more suspension tuning needed to handle the additional power. Not bad for a teenager’s first car!

UPDATE 11/27/2011: Joe went a new personal best of  11.202 @ 119 on Nitrous over the holiday weekend. Congrats Joe!

Rundown of the basic Combo:

  • 360 Magnum
  • 226 @ .050 Hydraulic roller cam, .500 lift
  • untouched Magnum heads with new springs
  • Edelbrock intake
  • Holley 650 DP carb
  • Headers & 3″ exhaust
  • Caltracs
  • 904 with 10″ PTC Converter
  • 4.10 gears

Duster Build Progress

Assembled RHS / Indy Heads now available

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Competition Components has developed a full cylinder head package using the new RHS / Indy 360X Cylinder heads for small block Mopar Applications. Check out these features:

  • Brand New RHS / Indy 360X cast iron head castings
  • 62CC Combustion Chambers
  • 179CC Intake and 62CC Exhaust Runners
  • 2.02/1.625 Lightweight Stainless valves
  • Competition Valve Job
  • .600 Lift Beehive springs
  • Moly Retainers
  • Moly locks
  • Race viton seals
  • .600 + lift Dual Springs optional
  • Hollow Stem Valves Optional

Also available in other configurations: RHS / Indy Heads

New FAST EZ-EFI Kit with in tank fuel Pump – 30447-KIT

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Product: EZ-EFI® Master Kit with In-Tank Fuel SystemPart Number: #30447-KIT

Street Price: $2,371.23

 Competition Components Sale Price: $2135 w/ free shipping

140 Character Pitch: New EZ-EFI® with In-Tank Fuel

System features all the benefits of the original EZ-EFI

Master Kit, plus a high pressure in-tank fuel pump

Features & Benefits:


  • New kit includes original EZ-EFI Master Kit with the addition of an in-tank fuel pump
  • In-tank Walbro 255 LPH high pressure pump flows enough fuel to support 600 horsepower applications
  • Easy-to-use Setup Wizard provides a comprehensive walk-through that allows self tuning
  • In-tank fuel pump is self-cooled by fuel in the tank for a longer & more reliable service life
  • Universal design fits most muscle cars & street rods
  • No laptop connection or tuning experience required


Complete Line of Flatout Gaskets added to online store!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Competition Components has added the entire Flatout Gasket line to our online store. Flatout makes exceptional quality gaskets, from their Rubber Coated Copper (RCC) Head gaskets, RCC Header gaskets. Their MLS gaskets are second to none! Check them out here: Flatout Gaskets.