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CNC Ported RHS LS1 heads Now Available

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Our port development on the RHS LS1 castings is now complete, and we have them in process.

Competition Components 229CC CNC Ported LS1 Heads Feature:

  • ·         2.080/1.600 Ferrea 6000 series Race Valves
  • ·         Fully CNC Ported Runners
  • ·         CNC Machined Chambers
  • ·         Hardened Springs Seats
  • ·         .625 lift PAC Beehive springs
  • ·         Moly Retainers
  • ·         Heat Treated Valve Locks
  • ·         Viton  valve stem seals
  • ·         62 CC Chambers

These heads are fully CNC Ported  RHS castings. Developed specifically for 390-427 CID Naturally aspirated engines to provide maximum power and acceleration. Also works well with max effort stock stroke engines as well as Power adder combos from 346cid and up.   Every component has been selected for excellent quality and longevity. You won’t find a better quality package anywhere! Fully assembled and ready to go. Available upgrades include: hollow stem valves, titanium retainers, dual springs, and titanium valves.

CNC Ported LS1 Heads



Assembled RHS / Indy Heads now available

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Competition Components has developed a full cylinder head package using the new RHS / Indy 360X Cylinder heads for small block Mopar Applications. Check out these features:

  • Brand New RHS / Indy 360X cast iron head castings
  • 62CC Combustion Chambers
  • 179CC Intake and 62CC Exhaust Runners
  • 2.02/1.625 Lightweight Stainless valves
  • Competition Valve Job
  • .600 Lift Beehive springs
  • Moly Retainers
  • Moly locks
  • Race viton seals
  • .600 + lift Dual Springs optional
  • Hollow Stem Valves Optional

Also available in other configurations: RHS / Indy Heads


RHS LS1 Heads Now available

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Racing Head Service LS1 HeadsThe latest Pro Action™ Cylinder Heads from RHS® are affordable LS-style heads that save you the time and expense of having your new heads CNC or hand-ported. These LS cathedral port heads combine race-proven head design and Clean Cast Technology™ to create “as cast” ports that flow like they’ve already been ported.

RHS® Pro Action™ Cathedral Port Aluminum Cylinder Heads for LS Applications are engineered with highly efficient combustion chambers that increase power and torque by improving airflow and flame propagation (the spreading of flames in a combustible environment) while multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust seats even further improve airflow. Their durable 355T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction is lightweight and increases cylinder head life and strength while high capacity water jackets generate greater thermal conductivity for cooler, more efficient engine operation.

The new Pro Action™ Cathedral Port Aluminum Cylinder Heads for LS Applications are available in three versions: as cast P-Port with no valve job; as cast 62cc combustion chamber with 2.02″/1.600″ valves, 205cc runners; and as cast 62cc combustion chamber with 2.050″/1.600″valves, 225cc runners. Stock valve angles and centers, drilled and tapped accessory holes, and stock port locations make these heads compatible with stock applications. However, added material at the top of each head allows for upgraded valve train components, making these cathedral port heads perfect for use in everything from mild street to all-out race applications.

Part # Description Runner Chamber Valve Size In. Ex.

54301 LS Cathedral Port 205cc 62cc 2.020″ 1.600″

54302 LS Cathedral Port 225cc 62cc 2.050″ 1.600″

Features & Benefits:

Clean Cast Technology™ creates as cast ports that flow as well as ported heads

Affordable bolt-on LS performance upgrade ready for use right out of the box in mild street to all-out race applications

Combustion chambers improve airflow and flame propagation to increase power & torque

Multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust seats improve airflow

355T6 aluminum alloy is lightweight and increases life and strength

High capacity water jackets generate greater thermal conductivity for cooler, more effective operation

Stock valve angles work with both stock and upgraded valve train components

Also available assembled with premium components

Fully CNC Ported versions coming soon!!!!