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Friday, April 10th, 2009


Steve Benyo (R) and Jim Locke display this seasons' most sought after outerwear

Steve Benyo (R) and Jim Locke display this seasons' most sought after outerwear

In October of 2008, Steve Benyo gave a glimpse of what was to come by
running a blistering 228 MPH at the Monster Mile in Maxton, NC.

Fast forward to the first event of the 2009 season. Benyo unleashed the
Centimark Mustang, turning 233.10 MPH in the standing mile, to become the
fastest doorslammer ever down the track, beating the previous mark set by a
twin turbo Viper in 2007. In addition to winning the Top Speed Challenge,
Benyo set records in 4 different classes:
Class          Old Record  New Record
AA/BFSS       221.42        226.51
AA/BGSS       184.65        233.10
A/BGSS          218.95        226.95
C/BGSS          198.63        230.48
Steve’s car is a blue 2003 SVT Cobra with minimal external modifications to
conform to sanctioning body rules, race prepped by Jim Locke Automotive.
Power comes from 323CID Mod motor combination developed by Scott Brown of
Competition Components, machined and assembled by Dave Weishaupt (Pops).  Based on a FRPP Boss50 block, the rotating assembly consists of a Kellogg 3.750 crankshaft, custom Oliver Connecting Rods, and Custom CP pistons. The short
is topped with 4 valve GT head castings fully ported and fitted with
a mix of custom and OE components, including custom cams, stock rockers,
and hydraulic  lifters. The induction system consists of a highly modified
Sullivan intake manifold topped with a Wilson Manifolds elbow and 95MM
throttle body
, pressure fed by a Procharger F2 Centrifugal supercharger.  A
Big Stuff 3 EFI unit controls the fuel and spark and is tuned by Dale
Cherry of Injection Connection.

Benyo prepares to haul ass.

Benyo prepares to haul ass.

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