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Archive for June, 2011

Brad Penn Assembly Lube Now In Stock

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

We now have Brad Penn Assembly Lube in stock in individual bottles as well as full cases.

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants announced the addition of Penn-Grade 1® High brad penn assembly lubePerformance Engine Assembly Lubricant to its Penn-Grade 1® High Performance product line.

The High Performance Assembly Lubricant, green in color, is a premium high viscosity lubricant specifically designed to offer additional protection during the engine assembly process. Its Pennsylvania Grade base oil provides higher load carrying ability and excellent surface film protection to prevent wear to components in highly stressed assembly applications. The product is readily miscible with all types of mineral based and synthetic engine oils. It does not contain solids such as molybdenum or graphite which can cause clumping and/or filter plugging, will not run or drip from treated parts due to its tacky/stringy nature and will protect assembled engines from rust and corrosion during the assembly period and shipping. It is recommended as a pre-lube for valve train components including cam lobes, lifters, wrist pins, rod bearings and main bearings.

“After our chemists formulated the Penn-Grade 1® High Performance Assembly Lubricant, we sent samples of the assembly lubricant to several large engine builders to do in-field testing with the product. The feedback that we received back concerning its performance was absolutely outstanding, with its ability to protect and stay on engine parts during the assembly process, its ability to mix with the lubricant and the assembly lubricant caused no filter plugging”, stated Richard Glady, Vice President of Branded Lubricants for ARG.

The new Penn-Grade 1® High Performance Engine Assembly Lubricant is packaged in 12 ounce bottles and contains 12 bottles per case.

In addition to the newly introduced Penn Grade 1® High Performance Assembly Lubricant, the Penn Grade 1® line also offers a variety of outstanding High Performance Oils available in nine viscosity grades, partial synthetic SAE 0W-30, partial synthetic SAE 10W-30, partial synthetic SAE 10W-40, partial synthetic SAE 15W-40, partial synthetic SAE 20W-50, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 and NITRO 70. In addition, Brad Penn® carries an exceptional SAE 30 Break-In Oil and a specially formulated SAE 75W-90 Supercharger/Blower Racing Lubricant.

The Bradford, PA refinery, blending and packaging operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified and was the first refinery in the U.S.A. to become ISO 9002 certified. The refinery stretches over 2 ½ miles and contains a fully automated state-of-the-art packaging facility. The refinery is the oldest, continuously operated lube oil refinery in the world and the only refinery processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil. It is truly the last MADE IN THE U.S.A. major lubricant refinery processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil.

In 1997, American Refining Group, Inc. purchased the Kendall® / Amalie® refinery located in Bradford, PA, from Witco Corporation. As a result of the sale of the Kendall® and Amalie® brands to a third party, a new name was given to the products produced at the site-Brad Penn® Premium Pennsylvania Grade Lubricants.

American Refining Group, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001:2008 certified refinery. American Refining Group, Inc. is a manufacturer and blender of quality Brad Penn® branded lubricants, packager of private label lubricants and a premier refiner of petroleum specialty products.