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F.A.S.T. digital air/fuel ratio meters added to product line

If you are looking to tune up your car or truck or boat for optimal performance, look no further than FAST’s line of digital air fuel meters. The engineers at fast have done a great job developing this line of air / fuel meters including setups for ethanol and diesel.

Check out V8TV’s feature on these meters here.

With no laptop required, FAST™ has developed three simple, easy-to-use air/fuel meters for gasoline, diesel and ethanol/methanol (E85) fuels. Available in single or dual sensor units, these meters give tuners the power to read two wide-band O2 sensors individually or average them together for maximum accuracy of the engine’s air/fuel ratio reading. The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meters include several enhanced capabilities, including the built-in data logging capability that plays back recorded information on a lighted, full graphical display screen rather than using a laptop computer. Additional features include outputs for external data loggers, digital gauges, as well as a narrowband simulator function that allows you to feed your engine’s computer a factory signal while using the wide-band sensor for air/fuel measurement.

Competition Components offers all of these FAST air Fuel meters, as well as a full line of FAST accessories. Product listing here

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