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Lloyd’s Pump Gas GEN3 Procharged HEMI

March 10th, 2014







Lloyd’s Procharged GEN3 HEMI

  • Mopar Aluminum Block
  • 446CID
  • 4.185 Bore Custom Diamond Pistons
  • Callies Compstar 4.050 Crankshaft
  • Callies Compstar Connecting Rods
  • Competition Components CNC Ported 6.4 Heads
  • Scott Brown Custom Hydraulic roller .580 Lift
  • Mopar Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Stock HEMI Rocker arms
  • Ported 6.1 Intake
  • Procharger F1A Supercharger
  • Standard Procharger air to air Intercooler
  • EFI Source gold box controller
  • FAST Throttle body

Recently had the opportunity to test Lloyd’s Stroker HEMI at Steve Morris’ Engine Dyno. The engine was built specifically to run boost, so it was pleasing to see that this combo made 640HP  naturally aspirated, and we didn’ t really chase the tuneup. Mainly we were just trying to get a couple things sorted out before we put on the blower. The torque curve stayed above 550ft/lbs from 4100-6000 RPM. A nice street motor by itself! Then we hooked up the Procharger F1A Kit. With the 4.6 diameter pulley that was supplied with the kit we ended up with a solid 10PSI of boost and 992HP. Unfortunately, the other pulleys we had were a big step, and we were running out of time. Stay tuned for more boost !


Steve Stankus’ 72 Buick GS dips into the 11’s

May 8th, 2013

Steve Stankus is relatively new to the Buick performance world, having owned this beautiful 72 GS for only about 2.5 years. But he really hit a home run on his first effort. Steve purchased the Black GS from a GSCA Member in Ohio and started on his ideas for a street warrior.  The engine is a mild combination that works extremely well together. The shortblock houses a stock crank, and resized stock rods with ARP bolts. Wiseco Pro-True pistons and rings round out the rotating assembly. The compression ratio is 10.25 to 1. The cam is custom hydraulic  from Scott Brown at Competition Components, 226/239@ .050 with a shade over .510 lift when used with the1.6 ratio Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Rockers. Machine work and assembly was done at Finishline Motorsports. Steve sent us the heads, for our full CNC porting treatment and blueprinted assembly. All of the standard Edelbrock Components were used. The Intake is an Edelbrock B4B, and both the heads and intake were painted Buick red to somewhat hide their origins. The Norm Dihle rebuilt Q-jet underneath a stock GS air cleaner rounds out the sleeper costume. The car currently has headers, but Steve plans on going to a set of ported stock exhaust manifolds. The Turbo 350 transmission was rebuilt by Joel’s on Joy, and uses a Kenne-Bell 10″ torque converter. The 10 bolt rear houses the original 3.42 gears. Mickey Thompson 275/60R15 Drag Radials try to get all that Buick torque to the ground. They have done a good job so far, with Steve recently laying down some passes in the 11.90’s at 112MPH on the first outing. Steve also wanted to thank good friend Rob Ross for lots of tech support. Great Job Steve, keep up the good work!!

CNC Porting Programs Now Available For All V8 Buick Aftermarket Cylinder Heads

April 23rd, 2013

Competition Components is pleased to announce the availability of CNC porting for all Buick aftermarket cylinder heads. In addition to our very popular porting for the Edelbrock 455 Castings, we have now completed programs for the TA Performance Stage 1 Heads, Stage 2 Street Eliminator and Track Eliminator castings, Stage 3 Heads, and the Stage 4’s will be wrapping up shortly. In addition to the porting, we can provide you with quality parts as well as meticulous assembly and race winning camshafts.

Edelbrock Heads

Stage 1 Street Eliminator

Stage 1 Track Eliminator

Stage 2 Street Eliminator

Stage 2 Track Eliminator

Stage 3 Heads

Stage 4 Heads

Curt Connors’ 9 second carbureted LS1 Monte Carlo

March 5th, 2013

Curt Connors and his family are well known around the Mid Michigan Motorplex. They are die- hard bracket racers that make the weekend a family event. Curt’s wife Melissa and his parents all spend the weekends at the track most of the summer.

Curt’s 84 Monte Carlo is back halved, with a Mild Steel Cage. The Dana 60 houses 4.56 gears spinning 14×32 Goodyears.  The car is all steel except for the hood and decklid, with stock glass throughout, but Curt has managed to get the weight down around 2700lbs. Just right for the Transmission Specialties Powerglide and 8” race converter to do their jobs.

The engine combo is a straightforward setup. It is 403 CID, based on a 6.0L LS1 truck engine. The stroker kit consists of 4” stroke Callies Compstar crank and 6.125 rods, and Autotec flat top pistons. Final compression ratio is a hair over 13 to 1. The heads are CNC Ported RHS units from Competition Components,  with 230CC Intake runners, 2.080/1.600 stainless valves, and optional solid roller springs. The cam is a custom solid roller, with 260ish duration, and .750 lift. Lunati roller lifters and Trend heavy wall 5/16 pushrods make sure all of the cam’s lift gets to the T&D 1.7 ratio rockers. The engine is topped off with a hand ported Edelbrock Super Victor intake and a Holley 950 gas carb. The stock LS coil packs are run by an MSD timing controller. Headers are modified Schoenfeld Circle track headers, that were coated at QC Coatings in Utica, MI.

Curt’s first time out with the new combo was at the final test and tune day in 2012. Baseline passes were in the 9.80’s @ almost 138MPH. There wasn’t any time for any real tuning, just a few shakedown runs. For those first few hits, Launch was 5200RPM, and shift points were 6700.  For next season, Curt has a new converter from Lenny at Ultimate Converters in the works, as well as some other refinements in the works. We are as excited as Curt to really put this combo to the test during the 2013 season. Stay tuned for more results!

On Board Video:



Chris Lee’s Stock shortblock 302 Mustang

September 24th, 2012

Customer Chris Lee got some really nice chassis dyno numbers from his 302 Mustang. The best pull was  329RWHP and 353 lb/ft which was 19HP and 21 lb/ft better than his old camshaft. So far, the car has run a best of 12.11 at 112mph. The engine is a stock shortblock 302 with untouched GT40P heads, and a custom camshaft from Scott Brown @ Competition Components. Definitely not trick. Chris works really hard to maximize the efficiency of his total combination and keeps meticulous records. That’s what it takes to build a strong runner. Hat’s off to ya Chris, great job. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Dyno pull:

Dragstrip pass:


Bruce Kent’s New Buick Powerplant

September 21st, 2012

Competition Components friend and customer Bruce Kent got some well deserved ink for his latest engine build, a 540 CID Buick that belted out 950+ HP. Great Job Bruce! You can read the full article here:

970HP Pontiac Race Engine!

April 13th, 2012

Congrats to long time Friend and Customer Mike Leech on his recent updates to his race engine! Mike’s trip to Holbrook Racing’s Dyno yesterday netted a best pull of 971HP at 7400, and 760lb/ft at6100 on Q16 fuel. The Engine is a well thought out combination using a Moldex Crank, Custom GRP Rods, Custom Ross Pistons to add up to 496 cubic inches of Pontiac Power. A CNC Ported set of Wide Port Edelbrocks and matching intake developed by John Marcella round out the top end . The port work on these heads is top notch, and we finished them off with PAC 1300 series Springs, locks and retainers. (These heads are also available through Competition Components) The Cam is also a Custom unit from Competition as well. Great Job Mike!


Brian’s Blue Buick wins class in Detroit Autorama!

March 7th, 2012

Brian’s killer E85 Buick with Edelbrock heads kicks butt at the track and takes names at shows! As a testament to Brian’s hard work and pride in his 72 Buick GS, he won his class at the 2012 Detroit Autorama. The legit street car has run a best in the 10.30’s at nearly 130MPH.  I got to spend some time with the gang at the show, and people just love the immaculate ’72, tons of compliments day and night. Congrats Brian!

Dyno Test on E85 Engine

Prior Feature on Brian’s GS


Mike Ricketts’ Aspen Pro Stocker Featured in April 2012 Mopar Collectors Guide

March 7th, 2012

Kudosto Mike Ricketts!  Mopar Collectors GuidePro Stock Aspen featured his Macomb Missle Pro Stock Aspen in their April 2012 issue! This is the last Pro Stocker built by Mopar racing legend Don Carlton. Mike has spent a ton of time and effort making this a top notch restoration and race car, and it shows. Mike has had several show stopping race cars in the past, and I’m proud to be involved.  Check out the magazine, I’m sure you’ll be  impressed. Thanks for the mention in the article Mike!

Profiler Releases New Small Block Chevy Heads!

December 10th, 2011

Profiler Cylinder heads has released two new small block Chevy cylinder heads, the All American 13 Degree wedge heads, and the Air Strike Canted Valve heads. The All American head is a conventional wedge head with a rolled 13 degree valve angle, 48CC Chambers and 285CC Intake ports. It is available in both as cast and CNC ported versions. The Air Strike head is a canted valve symmetrical port head developed for standard bore space small block chevy applications. They feature 12 degree valve angle, 44CC heart shaped chambers, and 370CC oval shaped intake ports. More details and pricing here: