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This Weekend’s Sale Item #2 – 5.7 / 6.1 HEMI Stroker Assemblies with Diamond Pistons

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Our #2 Sale Item this weekend is 5.7 and 6.1 HEMI stroker rotating assemblies with Diamond Pistons.  Place your order online from Friday 4/16/2010 to Sunday 4/18/2010 and use the coupon code “hemi” And recieve $50 off one of our stroker rotating assemblies with Diamond Pistons. Look for your application here. Online orders only.

Diamond Pistons Introduces Double Diamond Coatings

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Diamond Pistons has introduced an ambitious new formula—a notable step forward in piston performance—the Diamond double-coat.

By combining hard-coat anodizing with a moly-skirt coating, Diamond’s double-coat pistons will benefit all engines but is particularly useful in power-adder applications.


• Provides a thermal barrier and increases both corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance

• Deters piston rings from micro welding themselves to the ring grooves and it creates an excellent adhesion surface

• Resists high cylinder temperatures and pressures and frees-up a little more power; baked-on molybdenum dry-film lubricant skirt coating adds an anti-friction anti-scuffing surface

• Increases machined clearances of about .002-inch on the piston diameter and also on the width and depth of the ring grooves to compensate for the additional build-up from the anodizing process

• Includes submerging in a detergent-acid bath, followed by two rinses before the anodizing process and three rinses after

• Adds five light coats of the moly dry-film lubricant and baked in an oven for an hour.

Diamond, who has been developing and testing their double-coat procedures for over two years, conducts all their coating processes inhouse.

The turn-around time for the Diamond double-coat process is about two days and the cost is $50 per piston. Single coatings, either anodizing or moly-skirt, are still available.

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Diamond Double Coat Pistons

Diamond Double Coat