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Steve Webb’s 8 Second Turbo Mustang.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We have been working with Steve Webb for a while. We first did a small roller cam for his Naturally Aspirated 347 Ford that eventually went 10 teens at 128MPH.  When Steve decited to switch to a turbo combination, he called Competition Components.  Scott Brown spec’d the Ross pistons to fit the new Dart Block, as well as the cam and other valvetrain items. It’s first weekend out, Steve’s new combo went  9.40’s at 145 on  pump gas with only 7 PSI of boost. For the NMRA Race in Columbus this past weekend, Steve decided to step on it a bit and run some VP Fuels C-12 in it and give it some more boost. First pass off the trailer, he was rewarded with an 8.90 @ 157 with 14psi Boost. Steve kept leaning it out over the weekend, and by the time the weekend was over, he had run an 8.70 at over 159MPH. Congrats Steve! Keep in mind, this was only the second weekend out with the car at only 14psi. Lots more to come! If you get a chance, you should check out Steve’s Website here.

Here’s is a rundown of Steve’s set up:

  • Engine: SBF 364
  • Heads: AFR 205’s
  • Camshaft: Custom Scott Brown (Competition Components) Solid Roller Grind
  • Pistons: Custom Ross by Scott Brown
  • Rods: Scat
  • Crank: Scat
  • Intake: Edelbrock EFI Super Victor
  • Turbo System: Custom 88mm Supernatural Turbo
  • Transmission: Hutch Built TH400
  • EFI: Big Stuff 3
  • Weight with driver 3025 lbs.

Steve Would like to thank Reid and Matt at Supernatural Turbo,  Hutch at Hutch’s Transmisssion,  and Jim Monson.