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RaceTec and AutoTec Pistons added to our online store

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Competition Components is pleased to offer the Racetec and AutoTec piston lines to our online store. Racetec was founded by Wayne Brooks, who was the former owner of JE Pistons. RaceTec Pistons are designed and engineered by true piston experts. Experts, who understand the intricate and complex automotive aftermarket industry and more directly performance engine applications like no other manufacturer can. Our State Of The Art designs utilize knowledge gained throughout our combined years in the automotive and piston racing industries. We are also the only piston company that is using a state of the art D.T.S. Engine Dyno to help in the development of our designs. Having our in house dyno along with our customers to develop and refine piston design has helped us to deliver a superior product. Considerable design and manufacturing experience have been implemented to deliver the tolerances expected by the highest level of race engine builders and yet “keeping it user friendly” to accommodate the entry level and Saturday night racer.

The AutoTec Line is a precision machined product, offered at very competitive pricing. Made out of 4032 High Silicone Aluminum Alloy, it has great wear resistance, a low expansion rate, is very durable, and is very low in friction. These pistons accommodate multiple uses including. Your local auto shop, muscle car restorations, performance street rods, as well as many spec racing classes. They can also withstand mild nitrous kits and small turbo or super chargers. Just about everyone can benefit from the excellent value the AutoTec line carries.

RaceTec Pistons    AutoTec Pistons


Sport Compact Carrillo Rods and CP Pistons on sale through August 7th!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Competition Components has special sale pricing on Carrillo Rods and CP Pistons for Sport Compact Applications, now through August 7th. CP and Carrillo both have quality products and their offerings for sport compact applications is no exception. So if you are looking for top quality connecting rods or forged pistons for your Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan or Subaru, Look no further than Competition Components. Your Source for Carrillo and CP Engine Parts.

Carrillo Sport Compact Rods

CP Sport Compact Pistons


Diamond Pistons Introduces Double Diamond Coatings

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Diamond Pistons has introduced an ambitious new formula—a notable step forward in piston performance—the Diamond double-coat.

By combining hard-coat anodizing with a moly-skirt coating, Diamond’s double-coat pistons will benefit all engines but is particularly useful in power-adder applications.


• Provides a thermal barrier and increases both corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance

• Deters piston rings from micro welding themselves to the ring grooves and it creates an excellent adhesion surface

• Resists high cylinder temperatures and pressures and frees-up a little more power; baked-on molybdenum dry-film lubricant skirt coating adds an anti-friction anti-scuffing surface

• Increases machined clearances of about .002-inch on the piston diameter and also on the width and depth of the ring grooves to compensate for the additional build-up from the anodizing process

• Includes submerging in a detergent-acid bath, followed by two rinses before the anodizing process and three rinses after

• Adds five light coats of the moly dry-film lubricant and baked in an oven for an hour.

Diamond, who has been developing and testing their double-coat procedures for over two years, conducts all their coating processes inhouse.

The turn-around time for the Diamond double-coat process is about two days and the cost is $50 per piston. Single coatings, either anodizing or moly-skirt, are still available.

For more information contact us

Diamond Double Coat Pistons

Diamond Double Coat